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What is Rainbow Kids?​

Community Equity Collaborative launched Rainbow Kids in 2022 to increase awareness about topics related to sexual orientation and gender identity/expression (SOGIE) in early childhood and work toward a more expansive world for all children. In 2024, Community Equity Collaborative launched Rainbow Kids en Español, which not only translated the Rainbow Kids material into Spanish but also modified it to be culturally relevant to the diverse Latinx community. 

Why focus on early childhood?​

Kids develop concepts about gender, love, and family before the age of five. Creating gender-aware and inclusive environments are essential as young children form foundational concepts about who they are, whom they can love and what makes a family. By understanding issues related to SOGIE and engaging in age-appropriate conversations with young children about these topics, we give them the language and freedom to explore their identities from day one. Learn more

What resources are available? 

Here we provide a library of different resources from outside our organization, including a list of Bay Area family LGBTQ+ organizations, national organizations, LGBTQ+ hotlines, and a variety of resources for talking about different kinds of families and identities with children. There is also a section for folks looking to learn with materials provided by Community Equity Collaborative, including a recording of a Rainbow Kids webinar, one-pagers, short videos, and a Rainbow Kids Canva course. Lastly, there are resources created by Community Equity Collaborative for those looking to teach the Rainbow Kids curriculum to others, including the presentation slides, presentation map, facilitation guide, discussion guide, and contact information for the first Rainbow Kids Facilitators. 

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