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Our Team


Dayna Chung

draws on her years as a coach and consultant in Organizational Development to lead the Collaborative. She participates on the Child Care Partnership Council, the National Head Start Association Apprenticeship Work Circle, the San Mateo County Workforce Development Network as well as Child Development and Education Advisory Boards at Foothill and Skyline Community Colleges. 


Heather Hopkins

has spent her career leading initiatives that promote educational equity. In addition to her role at CEC, Heather serves on the SMC Child Care Partnership Council and is the co-owner of Toddle Preschool. Previously, Heather founded and led My New Red Shoes.

Tim B Most Headshot 2-2022_edited.jpg

Timi Brock Most

brings a lifetime of experience in nonprofit leadership. Her volunteer passion is to work in diverse ways to facilitate positive changes for underserved children and families. In addition to her role at CEC, Timi is the CFO of Mind Garden, Inc. and serves on the board of GAIA Global Health


Jennifer Sheldon

brings years of experience in organizational and program development in the private and nonprofit sectors. Most recently she led new initiatives at an organization focused on closing the achievement gap in elementary schools. Jennifer serves on the board of There With Care, which supports families experiencing pediatric medical crises.

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