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2023 Webinar Dates!

February 15, April 19,

June 21 and September 7

2023 Webinar Dates!

February 15, April 19,

June 21 and September 7

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What is Rainbow Kids?

Community Equity Collaborative launched Rainbow Kids in 2022 to increase awareness about topics related to sexual orientation and gender identity/expression (SOGIE) in early childhood and work toward a more expansive world for all children.

Why focus on early childhood?

Kids develop concepts about gender, love, and family before the age of five. Creating gender-aware and inclusive environments are essential as young children form foundational concepts about who they are, whom they can love and what makes a family. By understanding issues related to SOGIE and engaging in age-appropriate conversations with young children about these topics, we give them the language and freedom to explore their identities from day one. Learn more

What does Rainbow Kids offer?

There are no simple answers for navigating these issues; however, what initially may feel overwhelming can become manageable with the appropriate information. Our age-relevant resources include:

  • Online trainings: Practical information, strategies and tools in the context of early childhood and everyday situations

  • Resources: Age-appropriate info sheets plus an online library of resources 

  • Awareness-building content: Media materials highlighting the importance of SOGIE in early childhood

What's next for Rainbow Kids?

We continually work to evolve Rainbow Kids content and make it widely available and more accessible. Among the projects launching in 2024:

  • ​Live webinar in Spanish for a diverse Latinx audience launched on Feb 13. Don't miss it! The last webinar date is May 16. More info!

  • Expanded online resources, including video shorts and on-demand trainings

  • Opportunities for partners to deliver Rainbow Kids

Info sheets, inclusive books/media, support organizations, and more. Plus, recursos en Español!

Info about Rainbow Kids learning opportunities 

Read the Rainbow Kids

2022 summary report

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Last Webinar Date! 
May 16
¡Fecha del último seminario web!
16 de Mayo

Questions about Rainbow Kids? Contact Dayna Chung.

Rainbow Kids is made possible with funding from Silicon Valley Community Foundation 

and San Mateo County Measure K and in collaboration with the San Mateo County Pride Center.

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