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This free 90-minute webinar offers age-appropriate and practical info on topics including:

  • Understanding LGBTQ+ identities and related terms

  • Practicing pronouns and inclusive language

  • Managing messages children receive about gender, love and family

  • The power of affirmation

The facilitators share strategies and resources along with scenarios and prompts to engage participants and share ideas about how to engage and support young children.

Over 400 parents, caregivers, educators, and other child-supporting professionals and community members have attended the webinar since its launch in April 2022.

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We are excited to offer our free 90-minute

Rainbow Kids online training in Spanish!

Adapted for a diverse Latinx audience,

it provides the same practical and age-appropriate info and strategies as the original.

Click on a date below

February 13 

Each webinar is at 4:00 pm PST

Content is the same on each date. 

The facilitators are bilingual and participants can communicate in Spanish or English in the chat and Q&A features. Closed captioning is provided.


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Past participants said:

“It was interactive and engaging with good examples and ways to practice”

"Engaging real-world examples that are highly applicable"

"Enjoyed the knowledge and safe space created to ask questions and learn"

"Respectful. Clear. Informative.

Wonderful trainers"

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